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One of my favorite internet tools is researching the old newspapers at Google News Archives

It is a project that Google unfortunately stopped a few years ago, but they have kept the newspapers that they obtained the rights to up on the net for people to search for free. Many newspapers charge a fee to read their archives so it is a real treat to basically have a microfilm archive at your fingertips every morning.

Some newspapers that I’ve been browsing include

The Press-Courier of Ventura County, CA

The Miami News

The St.Petersburg Times (Florida)

The Milwaukee Journal

The Village Voice – which covers 999 issues from 1955 to 2004…..awesome for lovers of New York and alternative politics etc.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle is a wonderful archive maintained by the Brooklyn Public Library and has early issues back to 1841..

The downside to Google News Archives is that they never incorporated a download option into the site. Unlike Google Books which allows you to download books that are copyright free the Google News Archives will only allow you to link to specific headlines that are within the newspaper itself. To save (or even print an article) one has to basically do a screen caption and then print out the image.

Newspaper Archive is a paysite that has a great collection that does allow you to save individual pages as pdfs.

If you love history their is a lot of great sites to keep you busy…hope these help…

Stephen Vincent O’Rourke