What I’m Reading

Into the Bermuda Triangle by Gian J.Quasar 

Quite simply this is the best book I’ve ever read about the Bermuda Triangle. Quasar combines a detailed analytical approach with a rare insight into alternative thought. It makes for a powerful, intriguing and even inspirational book.
By taking his research directly from official US sources, ie.

those dry by-the-book accounts, Quasar (what a cool name) is able to map out just how extensive disappearacnes are in that area of the Atlantic Ocean. The facts are stunning: hundreds of planes and ships are being lost every decade in the Bermuda Triangle to this day. Their fates are unknown-but in compiling the few strands of evidence we can piece together we can make a few inferences.

Quasars theories go over many areas considered before: a magnetic vortex of some sort, UFO’s, Atlantis technolgy etc..but his approach goes much deeper and more interesting than virtually all of authors on these subjects.

Simlar to Jacques Vallee’s great UFO study ‘Messengers of Deception‘, ‘Into the Bermuda Triangle’ has set the bar high for all future studies of the Bermuda Triangle. Great Job!!