Online Newspaper Research

Today’s internet provides writers and researchers with several excellent free

newspaper archives. If you are searching for information on history, politics, genealogy or pop culture you now have access to a treasure trove of information that would haveonly been available at a public library 15 years ago.

Google Newspaper Archives

The Google Newspaper Archives that exists online today is but a portion of what Google had originally envisioned. For reasons never made clear Google stopped archiving newspapers several years back and as a consequence stopped publicizing this website. Regardless, it is a wonderful free source to read old newspapers online in a manner similar to visiting a local public library.
The main problem with Google Newspaper Archives is that there are no functions for either printing of saving a file. You can save an article however simply by doing a screen capture and editing it later in a photo editor.
When you go to the archives page you will be presented with an alphabetical listing of all the publications that Google had archived up to the point they abandoned the project. While many of these are US newspapers some are foreign. Some also are very small publications that may have been published as far back as the 1800’s.
Although Google Newspaper Archives is a work in


progress (that was never finished) it remains the primary source for free newspaper archives on the internet. If you find apublication you like- bookmark it- as the interface is clunky and is not easy to navigate once you find apublication or article that you need.

Chronicling America

Is a wonderful and scholarly website for those looking into American history pre-1922. Its’ user interface allows for higher definition viewing of historic US newspaper pages from 1836-1922. Set up by the Library of Congress Chronicling America offers highresolution pdf downloads of each page of the newspaper.

The New York Times Archives (pre-1923)

The free archives offered by the New York Times is somewhat different than the Google Newspaper Archives in that it will only show you a search result of articles that you have searched for. It will not allow you to browse the entire edition of the newspaper. To do that you need to have a ProQuest account and only you can only get that if you are a librarian at an officially sanctioned education center. Despite this the Times site offers very nice pdf downlaods of the articles you access for free. Hopefully in time they will expand this function to years past 1923.