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What I’ve Been Reading Lately….
Ball Four by Jim Bouton

Just finished re-reading this classic tale of the 1969 baseball season as seen through the

eyes (ass eyes) of jim Bouton. It remains a classic….
What I enjoyed most about this book and Bouton is his honesty. Written in the glorious counterculture year of 1969, the book reflects the hopeful mood that was prevalent throughout that year that positive thought can help you make it through tough times. Bouton is funny witty and humble as a commentator
He is also a pretty good pitcher and if not for the controversy surrounding the book when it was published in 1970 he might have been able to pitch well into the 1970s.

The version of the book that I have just finished reading of also includes updates that Bouton had written in 1979 and 1989. These chapters tend to reinforce my opinion that Bouton is a true American commentator, sort of a baseball version of Will Rogers. He holds no prejudices and his self-deprecating manner would be lost on many of today’s generation to be sure.

All of this would make a great movie, it would be a great
way to highlight the trials and tribulations of a baby boomer over a period of time that is often misunderstood by the pop culture we remember it by. Maybe we can get George Clooney and Matt Damon to do it ha ha