Online Research- Old magazines are fun to search

Searching through magazine archives can be a fun and interesting way to spend your online time. Depending on the subject matter of the magazine you may find what you are looking for quickly or simply enjoying electronically paging through old issues to your heart’s content….or until your eyes get tired or your wrist gets sore…..;-D

Here are a few links to magazines that have had some or all of their archives stored online.

This is a link to the first page (publications whose names start with the letter A) of search results on the Google Books magazine archives

Search Results A

Here is a link to the popular jazz magazine Jazz Times
Jazz Times

The historic and colorful Life magazine has the entire archives of their original incarntation stored on the Google Books site below>
Life magazine

Sports Illustrated has done a wonderful job archiving their great magazine. They’ve created a site called The Vault, which allows you to search by subject or by clicking on the cover.

Sports Illustrated

You can view the famous Sports Illustrated covers here

If you’re looking for articles on hip rock and pop stars Spin magazine can be a good source.
Spin Magazine

Over the years Yoga Journal has been a leading source for yoga practitioners and alternative thought and lifestyles. Their online archives go all the way back to issue #1 in the 1970s.

Yoga Journal

Although searching through online archives is still not as easy as it should be…these links might help you get started in your project or at least have some fun!