International Radio Apps

Listening to London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington and more on your iPhone

Tired of the same old media? Turn your iPhone or tablet into an international radio by downloading these snazzy audio apps…..

Less than 20 years ago if you wanted to


tune in the foreign news reports from international broadcasters you needed a good shortwave radio and a knowledge of the ionosphere! These days by simply downloading the right app you can be listening to the news from all around the world provided that you have a wifi or data connection.

The BBC News app is a godsend for anyone who detests being bombarded

with todays tabloid news fare. Relaying the news service that was the cornestone of shortwave radio for decades, the BBC News app also lists an array of top news stories as text under various categories.

Radio France International is the wonderful overseas service from Paris. Both their Android app and their iPhone app shows that some work has been put in to them to make them more functional and easier to use. While both v

ersions offer news feeds in french and english, the iPhone app also offers a live stream of RFI Musique, a french language music station in Paris…..sweet..

Tokyo’s international service is NHK World and over the years it has shown improvement in both content and variety. Both the iPhone and the Android versions allow listeners to tune in either a stream (in the language of your choice) or a clip (aka a podcast) on an assortment of topics geared toward international listeners.

The US’s international radio station is the Voice of America and its app is offers extensive world news coverage categorized primarily by continent. Video clips are also offered for certain news stories. Under the VOA’s Audio Clip section listeners can even enjoy some of the regular programs that are featured on their website and on their international AM and shortwave transmissions.

So stop complaining about all the garbage on cable TV and the internet….create your own media agenda with these free apps!!!!