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What I’ve been Reading: Feb 2015

Seasons In Hell

A fun ride through the memories of the 1973 Texas Rangers by by Mike Shropshire some 20 years after the fact. Shropshire is sort of a Hunter S Thompson of baseball and narrates in a way that puts baseball in a tangtental perspective. It’s 1973…Watergate is in full exposure…weed is cheap and he has an expense account (that he uses liberally at the local bar) with his newspaper the Forth-Worth Star Telegram. The Rangers are a virtual expansion team and play like it as Shropshire attempts to chronicle their epic 1973 saga with Whitey Herzog at the helm. Herzog had just come over from being the Mets minor league supervisor and was not used to the bush league he was handed by no less than Ted Williams the 1972 Ranger manager.

This was the season that the Rangers took a kid, David Clyde, straight from high school, to the Majors, in about 2 weeks….it was the year they wore those snazzy blue uniforms and had guys like Joe Lovitto hitting 5th. They also lost 105 games and got Herzog fired before the end of the season.

Shropshire serves as a sort of cultural monitor as he describes “what” it was like. He’s virtually Bukowski-esque as he describes the trials and tribulations of writers like himself as they struggle to make sense of baseball….the industry and America..the culture… as they weave their ways in the uncertain times of the mid-70s.

A great effort..sort of Ball Four for baseball writers…..;-D