You Who Are Reading Me Now…

You Who Are Reading Me Now

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Why we should assume that….

……….There was something odd about the 2016 Election

Hello and welcome to the debut episode of You Who Are Reading Me Now. My name is Stephen V. O’Rourke. And also a simple disclaimer: This blog is nothing but an opinion from myself. I’m not trying to convince you of anything- I’m just airing my views and hopefully they will have some useful effect on you.

For this particular blog I’m simply using it as a way of venting and collecting my thoughts. And although the information that I discuss might be quite serious I am somewhat irreverent about it and simply want to further discussion or in some cases begin the discussion.

So without further ado episode number 001 of This blog is as you can see in the title

‘Why we should assume that there was something odd about the 2016 Election’

For many people following politics today they may actually say well “that’s an obvious way of looking at it“. But let’s be real -we are in now almost 2 full years into the Trump administration and nothing is normal; nothing is getting done and he’s basically still campaigning just like he was 2016. He doesn’t really seem to be governing in any effective or coherent way.

So you can put all the blame on Trump himself and his personality if you want to -but I think if you take my point of view and just go back to November 8, 2016 it will provide a certain paradigm to more clearly explain just what it is that we are living through right now.

The real blame for our understanding of what actually happened on November 8, 2016 is our media. Our media is a compromised source of information and it is unreliable for us to be using it to comprehend what is going on in our normal everyday life.

An Affluent, Corporate and Compromised Media

Part of this is because the media is controlled by a few corporations- part of it is because the people who work in the media are grossly overpaid and this tends to diminish their zest for investigating and doing real journalistic work- so are they kind of bought off just by the fact that they are well paid media personalities.

Another reason for the media to be underperforming in the matter of investigative journalism is simply because they’re compromised by our intelligence community. The reality is a number of the people who work for the networks are actually working for the intelligence community. They’re a very easy way to get the message out for whatever interests there are concerning any particular intelligence group. Our narrative is being framed by intelligence and corporate interests even our so called liberal sources. Sad.

So without further a do let’s just look at some of the common sense things that you would look at if you wanted to critically address what happened on November 8, 2016.

The Odds

The odds were against Trump even coming close to a victory. This is not just get a guessing game this is reality many studies showed that Hillary Clinton had the victory decisively in hand. I put a link here to one particular study that was in the Independent newspaper- with this one actually saying the chances of Trump winning was one in a hundred. A 99% chance that Hillary Clinton would be the winner.

Now of course you can make an argument that against the odds Donald J Trump pulled off the victory. And of course that is what most people assume. That’s the Kool-Aid everyone is drinking. I have never had a drop of that Kool-Aid I don’t think I ever will.

The reality was- even to a casual observer of the 2016 campaign- that Donald Trump had ran a train wreck of the campaign. There was no logic- there was no focus on any sense of propriety and decency. It was just a smear campaign against everybody that was against him- which was of course everybody!!. Even his connections to the Russians was a public thing that people saw and snickered about. We weren’t connecting the dots because we assumed Trump would fade back into reality TV world.

So to give him the benefit of the doubt does not make sense. Common sense dictates that something odd happened to help Trump win.

Common sense also dictates that if something that has only a 1 in a 100 chance of the happening, actually happens, then you should be suspicious. This is not sports- this is not a baseball game. This is not something that you can’t comprehend- of course in the election polls you’re talking about registered voters you’re talking about likely voters ….yet none of these polls indicated the Trump was even close to getting enough votes to pull this off.

So did Trump pull off a spectacular political victory? He sure did. But common sense dictates that there was something odd about it and in all probability it was it illegal.

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Now of course there are many aspects to look at if you feel that an election was not legitimate. And a free and independent media should have followed some of those strands to determine if something was wrong. That’s why we have a free media to begin with- to hold our government accountable.

So is there any evidence that our media actually reached out to the Trump campaign on November 8, 2016? There are probably more than we realize but one that did surface involved ABC news collaborating with the Trump campaign on election night by giving them polling data. This should be a red flag for anyone who does not trust Trumps victory that night. In fact it harkens back to the 2000 election when we know Fox News played a role in connecting election tabulations to the Bush campaign. That’s part of public record.

The 2016 election issue with ABC News may best be understood by looking at it against a bigger canvass. Who was the person who conveyed this information? And what was his connection, if any, to the Trump campaign or Trump himself personally? Anybody ever look into that?

I don’t know but the story basically was on the radar for a brief time and then fluttered away because that’s the way they want to cover the 2016 election they just don’t want to go there. Sad.

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